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uh yeah...fuck north dakota...
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January 4 2009, 05:18:54 UTC 8 years ago

i wna move somewhere where there is nothing. is this it?
fuck all of you guys saying that north dakota sucks, most of you have never even been here so how the fuck can you say those things? and as of that movie called"fargo" that movie sucks it isn't anything like north dakota, 90% of it wasn't even filmed here. i have lived here all my life and me and all my friends love this state, we grew up in a very small town where there really wasn't anything to do but we still had fun (drinking) you would have a whole other perspective if you grew up here, but you didn't all you did was come through here maybe for a day or two, how is it different from any other state? we have a lot of open land where nobody lives but that is awsome cuz we can do whatever the fuck we want, we have the greatest hunting and fishing in the world. don't be talking shit about us if you've never fucking been here or talked to anyone from here. i have talked to lots of people from other states and they said that north dakotans were the nicest people they have ever met, there are very few crimes here, maybe 2 or 3 murders every year, so i ask you this how the fuck can you say these things about north dakota, it just doesn't make any sense at all. fuck all you haters. and much respect for north dakota, peace.
Well, Mr. "North Dakota is awesome,"

I have lived there, but, unlike you, I have also lived in many other places in the country. From your post, I have to gather all that drinking you did in your youth has rendered you bloody blind. Either that, or the beer goggles have simply taken on a more permanent status and have clouded your mind! How the fuck can I say these things? Perhaps because I've seen better? Perhaps because I've experienced both worlds? How can you rant, sir, about those of us who ridicule you and those like you who choose to stay in ND when you've - by your own admission - lived only there your whole life? I do notice, as you allege, that people who grow up there seem to have a "whole other perspective," and it's a distorted one. Again with the booze and the addling of all your minds.

I've never seen the movie "Fargo," but North Dakota is still a worthless, abhorrent wasteland. I grew up in a small town, too, but somehow had more to do than intoxicate myself. Perhaps that's "exhibit 1" as to how ND is different from EVERY other state. Oh, you have a lot of open land, do you? Uh, HELLO, MCFLY!! That's all your state is! Don't you ever get sick of staring at a panoramic view of open land? NOTHING, but open land?! You do whatever you want? With whom? Didn't you just say nobody lives there?

Oh, right! Hunting and fishing... awesome. Social interaction at its finest! I'm not against hunting or fishing as I did a lot of both growing up in my own small town, but I wasn't forced to do it every day for lack of anything else to do.

I'll never say that North Dakotans weren't nice people. In honesty, they were. Blissfully ignorant to the rest of the world, but kind nonetheless. The crime rate is also low, this is true, but would also be true of any other low-population/density areas. Another point to consider is that the crime rate we speak of is reported crime. With the vast wastelands that constitutes the state, it's no surprise that illicit drugs proliferate to a great degree and simply cannot be effectively curbed. It's the same in other rural areas. It's not that the crime rate is really so low, but that it's largely undetected by law enforcement. Violent crime rates are certainly low. For what it's worth, I live in an urban area, but I don't see people getting mowed down everyday. There's been perhaps 1 murder here this year.

So need we continue? "How can we say these things," you demand. It doesn't make any sense? Really? Again, blind and addled, ye must be. Your state is a waste. It's a waste that the indigenous population is too kind to admit. The weather is awful, the scenery is disgusting, it has a severe lack of entertainment possibilities, most youth develop drug and/or alcohol abuse by age 16 (red flag, anyone?), it's irreparably detached from the rest of the country (and reality, apparently), and just too abhorrent to be allowed to remain a state.

North Dakota is the retarded stepchild of the nation.